What hardware do I need to run Umbrel?

Raspberry Pi with at least 4GB of RAM (8GM is better if you can git it)

You also need a 1TB SSD. I use the Samsung T5 external SSD. ($119 USD on Amazon) I first tried to use a faster M.2 drive but it caused a bunch of random errors.

Here is a nice recommendation from BTC Noob!

Suggestions for improving the UMBREL hardware purchase list:

A.  Argon ONE M.2 Case for Raspberry Pi 4:


1.  Put your M.2 SSD into your Pi 4 case (no external SSD, no USB cable),
2.  Case comes with an internal fan,
3.  Case changes your two miniHDMI ports to full-sized HDMI.

B.  Argon40 Pi 4 Power Supply:

*MUST* get the Argon40 Power Supply:  5.25V @ 3.5 A!

US Plug – Argon ONE Pi 4 Power Supply (Raspberry Pi)

1.  0.25 extra Volts to overcome voltage drop across PSU cable and USB-C connector,
2.  0.5 extra Amps to power SSD and fan.

Easy as Pi! 🙂