Build Umbrel OS from the source files

Step 1. Clone this repo

git clone

Step 2. Switch to repo’s directory

cd umbrel-os

Step 3. Execute the build

sudo ./

NOTE: The build will take a long time to complete. After the build completes the image will be inside deploy/ directory.

wrench Advanced

Config variables

The config file has system defaults which are used when building the image and for automated builds.

  • UMBREL_VERSION – To install the specific Umbrel version.
  • GITHUB_USERNAME – To automatically login to your Umbrel without typing a password.
  • UMBREL_REPO – A custom git repo used to download Umbrel. UMBREL_VERSION is ignored if this is set, but it is required to also set UMBREL_BRANCH.
  • UMBREL_BRANCH – The git branch or commit SHA in the custom repo that should be checked out.