What is the best hardware for running a Node?

TLDR: Low memory, slow CPU is fine for now. Good bandwidth and 24/7 availability is most important during the beta.
Your node needs to be an x86_64 / amd64. NOTE: Raspbberry Pi (ARM) SBC is not currently supported.

Node Ninja Says “a micro-sever with 500MB RAM running in Google Cloud works fine on the Test-network “

For now, there is no concrete answer.

During the Beta the, in the Presearch Nodes Telegram channel someone asked this question:
“How much storage, bandwidth, computational power is need to compete with google in the near/far future?”

The Presearch team (Trey) provided this answer:
“We don’t have that piece fully fleshed out yet, but have some really smart minds working on the model. That will be phase two of the project.

In the initial phase, we’re building a ‘light’ search tool that we can use to engage searchers, start building a brand early, etc., and then when phase two is ready, there will be an audience to test with and plug into instantly. Phase two will evolve over the next 3-4 months, and then when we’ve hashed out the approach, we’ll disseminate a proper white paper and announce plans to release the initiative to the public, which may include a second crowd sale, or, may involve the award of tokens to those who are providing the hardware resources, etc. Or likely a combination of both models.

It’s all still in flux though while we get the community’s best thinking, and so we couldn’t really build it into the white paper. This needs to be a ground-up initiative, rather than top-down, which is why we’re taking this approach.”