Best Hosting Provider for a Novice Node Runner.

I have Virtual Machines running Presearch Nodes on Amazon (AWS), Google cloud, Vultr and Digital Ocean. I have found that AWS and Google are really built for larger more sophisticated users. They are both great, but as a novice, I can’t figure out how to setup server with Docker preinstalled and the costs are much higher than Digital Ocean. I looked at a few other providers but the lower cost providers had less appealing bandwidth guarantees and the good reviews all focused on cost and not service quality.

By far, Digital Ocean is the easiest to use and it’s also the cheapest, starting at only $5 USD per month. If you use my referral link it will help pay for this site and you will get $100 credit.

It has a number of user friendly features that are lacking on both AWS and Google Cloud.

  • First, Digital Ocean has images in the marketplace with Docker already installed. This saves you the hassle of going through the Docker install process. So setting up a node only requires 3 simple Cut-&-Paste actions (See below) in to the terminal window.

NOTE: IP V6 is not needed nor supported by the node, so don’t add it.

  • Secondly the prices is REALLY low. Only $5.00 per month for a basic server.

Run these commands to install your node

sudo docker pull presearch/node

sudo docker run -d –name presearch-auto-updater –restart=unless-stopped -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock containrrr/watchtower –cleanup –interval 300 presearch-node

sudo docker run -dt –name presearch-node –restart=unless-stopped -v presearch-node-storage:/app/node -e REGISTRATION_CODE=”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” presearch/node

Success! Your node should be up and running!

If you want to see the traffic on your node you can run this command

sudo docker logs -f presearch-node

If you use my referral link it will help pay for this site and you will get $100 credit from Digital Ocean!

If you are more technical and want to use Google Cloud use this link to get a $350 credit!