Install Docker Desktop on Windows Home

You can now install Docker Desktop on Windows Home machines using the WSL 2 backend. Docker Desktop on Windows Home is a full version of Docker Desktop for Linux container development.

This page contains information on installing Docker Desktop on Windows 10 Home. 

Docker Desktop on Windows Home offers the following benefits:

  • Latest version of Docker on your Windows Home machine
  • Install Kubernetes in one click on Windows Home
  • Integrated UI to view and manage your running containers
  • Start Docker Desktop in less than ten seconds
  • Use Linux Workspaces
  • Dynamic resource and memory allocation
  • Networking stack, support for http proxy settings, and trusted CA synchronization

For detailed information about WSL 2, see Docker Desktop WSL 2 backend

What to know before you install

System Requirements

Windows 10 Home machines must meet the following requirements to install Docker Desktop: