Update from the myNode Community Edition

  1. Open Terminal window or use Putty on Windows
  2. Remote login to your mynode using SSH:  ssh admin@mynode.local or ssh admin@YOUR_MYNODE_IP_ADDRESS
    at the command prompt $ Enter your password
  3. Clone the github repository: git clone https://github.com/mynodebtc/mynode.git mynode-git
  4. Move inside the git repo: cd mynode-git
  5. Download the latest commits from github: git pull
  6. Create a tar file of root filesystem: make rootfs
  7. Start a web-server: make start_file_server
  8. Move back to home folder: cd ~
  9. Unpack the TAR file and apply the upgrade: sudo mynode-local-upgrade mynode.local or sudo mynode-local-upgrade localhost. This step should install all dependencies and apply upgrades followed by a reboot.

That’s it!

How do I unpack a Tar file?

Unzip these files the same way you would unzip a regular zipped file:

tar –xvzf name-of-file.tar.gz

The basic command is tar, followed by four options:

  • x – instructs tar to extract the files from the zipped file
  • v – means verbose, or to list out the files it’s extracting
  • z – instructs tar to decompress the files – without this, you’d have a folder full of compressed files
  • f – tells tar the filename you want it to work on