Build Your Node on a Raspberry Pi.

You can download the latest buid for Raspberry Pi on the MyNocde GitHub repository There are 2 diffenent versions, the free Community Edition and the Premium Edition that costs $99. I use the paid version and it is worth every penny. It come with Premium Support, One-Click Upgrades, VPN – Remote Access,Tor – Remote Access, BTC Pay Server, Mempool Viewer, Caravan, Specter, LNBits & thunderhub. The key feature is the one click upgrade. Everytime there is an upgade available, you’ll see the notification on your dashboard. All you do is click the Update button and walk away. It saves you from stressing about the update process.

You will need a Raspberry Pi 4B with at least 4GB ram. I recommend getting a kit from Amazon. You will also need an SSD to hold the full Bitcoin history. I use this Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

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