Mining with an Aftermarket 500 Watt Power Supply

  • Heat! I was running 6 miners in a small room. it hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit very quickly and I had to buy a small industrial fan with a thermostat controller. I stuck this in the window in the bathroom adjacent to the room with the miners. I had it set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This kept the fan running between 50 and 100% depending on the outside air temperature.
  • Noise! The fans on the miners ran at full speed the entire time. Adding that noise to the noise from the industrial fan and it sounded like I was at the airport standing next to a turbo-prop aircraft getting ready to take off.
  • Electricity! With the 500 watt power supplies, I could only plug 3 into a single wall outlet. if I added more to the same circuit it would trip the circuit breaker. I ended up running an extension cord out of the room through a hallway into the dining room to find an outlet that was connected to a different breaker. Both outlets that I had the power strips plugged into got so hot that they are permanently dark brown and need to be replaced. I’m lucky that I did not burn my house down.
  • Reboot! At least once a day 1 or 2 controllers would stop working and I would have to restart the main controller to get everything running again. The hotter it got, the more frequently this happened. Note: When running in normal mode I never need to reboot.