Access the dashboard over your home network

If you want to interact with your Apollo directly through its web dashboard without a monitor/keyboard/mouse setup you can do so, and it works similar to most web based miners:

  • Make sure your Apollo BTC is connected to ethernet before powering it on
  • Wait several minutes until the Apollo has fulled booted and started mining (slow front Red LED flashing)
  • Connect your PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone to the same local network your Apollo is plugged into and try navigating to futurebit-btc.local
  • If this does not work you need to locate the Apollo BTC’s local IP address. Easiest way is to download an ip scanner tool that lists all the device IPs connected to your network. My favorie is the Angry IP Scanner.
  • Once you find your Apollos IP address, copy and paste it into your web browser, and you will be directed to the Apollo’s webdashboard setup page.