FutureBIT Apollo BTC Setup

These are the set up instructions from the little card that comes with the unit. I have added notes

Carefully remove the Apollo BTC, Power Supply, and AC Power Cable from the box. Note: Yes, the bottom of the unit has no cover and you can see/touch the circuit board inside so be carful!

Plug in both 6 Pin power cables cables into from the power supply in to the back of the Apollo. Note: Make sure you plug them in all the way a loose connection can overheat. If you did not order the 200 watt power supply you can use a standard PC power supply . I use 500 watt ARESGAME power supplys on all of mine.

Plug in your HDMI Monitor cable to the side HDMI port on your Apollo, and a USB Keyboard/Mouse to the USB ports in the back of the Apollo. Note: You can setup your Apollo over ethernetwithout a monitor/keyboard/mouse if you wish/ See instructions here) <– I’ll add a page for this

If you ordered Standard Units, repeat Steps 1 and 2 above, and plug in the supplied Micro USB cable to the back Micro USB Port of the Standard Apollo and the otherend in to the USB port of the Full Package Apollo. Note: You can use a USB hub if you run multipul standard units. I have 5 additional standard units and am using a powered USB hub I picked up from Amazon. It’s ROSONWAY RSH-A10. It was not cheap but I wanted to avoid issues that may have been caused by a cheap hub.

Switch on your power supply on all of the Apollo units and wait for the Full Package Apollo to boot. Please allow a few minutes as your Apollo will perform a few configuration steps to get your miner and full node ready. Once it reaches the login screen type in “futurebit123” as the password.

Once logged in you will automatically be directed to the web dashboard. First connect your Apollo to your network via ethernet or wifi. The internet/wifi icon is on the upper right corner of the screen. Then follow the setup instructions on the dashboard.