CLI to FIO Client

Command Line Interface to FIO Client

-h,–help Print this help message and exit
-u,–url TEXT=
the http/https URL where nodeos is running
–wallet-url TEXT=unix:///home/brad/eosio-wallet/keosd.sock
the http/https URL where keosd is running
-r,–header pass specific HTTP header; repeat this option to pass multiple headers
-n,–no-verify don’t verify peer certificate when using HTTPS
–no-auto-keosd don’t automatically launch a keosd if one is not currently running
-v,–verbose output verbose errors and action console output
–print-request print HTTP request to STDERR
–print-response print HTTP response to STDERR

version Retrieve version information
create Create various items, on and off the blockchain
convert Pack and unpack transactions
get Retrieve various items and information from the blockchain
set Set or update blockchain state
transfer Transfer tokens from account to account
net Interact with local p2p network connections
wallet Interact with local wallet
sign Sign a transaction
push Push arbitrary transactions to the blockchain
multisig Multisig contract commands
wrap Wrap contract commands
system Send fio.system contract action to the blockchain.