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I’m Brad, just some guy from Southern California. I’m not an engineer but I’m geeky enough to run these various nodes and after years of messing around with Linux I’m not afraid of the terminal anymore.

This site started as notes to myself and then I realized that other node runners might benefit from the lessons I’ve learned. I don’t work for any of these projects so please understand that I am not technical support and some these notes may not be relevant to current builds. These projects all move fast and keeping the knowledge base up to date is a little difficult. That said use these commands and code snippets at your on risk. If you execute a command and your node catches fire, don’t blame me.  🙂

What nodes do I run you may ask?

For fun and crypto security I run Bitcoin and Lightning Network nodes, via MyNode and Umbrel, both on Raspberry PI single board computers sitting on my desk. I run single a miner for  the Idena blockchain.  I am a Block Producer for the FIO protocol and that takes half a rack bare metal servers currently housed in a data center in northern Virginia. I run 12 TLS proxies for  #IRanASignalProxy.  Lastly, I run 31 search nodes for the Presearch search engine   on virtual machines spread across North America.

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That’s about it, so go visit the Knowledge Base page.
If you want to reach out, just send an email to: brad@nodeninja.org




Brad the Ninja

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